Chronic Phatigue

The Upper Decker

Some people just like to watch the world burn.

Ep14: An Evening with Colour Surround

This week on a special presentation of Chronic Phatigue, Travis and Dave sit down with 3 strung out dudes who make sweet music in a band known as Colour Surround.

Ep13: The Boys are Back in Town

Travis and Dave are back with better luck than ever. Kicking off the 3rd Season with all new recording gear, segments and ridiculous sound effects.

Ep12: Travis I’ve Got You’re Number

Travis is tying the knot this week on a special up-close and personalized episode of Chronic Phatigue.

Ep11: A Tribute to Tribune

This week on a special metallic episode of Chronic Phatigue, we get to sit down with Tribune!
Check out the band at www.myspace.com/tribunemetal

Ep10: We're Having a Riot!

In the aftermath of the Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots, Travis and Dave sit down to discuss their unique experiences. Also tune in for our weekly Christwire and Text from Blake segments.

Ep9: Doodie Calls

Once again Travis Kutt and Dave G. return to the podwaves discussing a host of noteworthy news and topics.

Ep8 - Sodomy Is Not the Answer!

Travis and Dave talk about such family friendly topics as: Sodomy, Pedophile Toys, Dave G's testicles and the 90′s.
Full Audio Episode: http://www.chronicphatigue.com/?p=96

Ep7 - How to Spot a Masturbator

It's lucky episode number 7 here on the Chronic Phatigue show! This week we catch up on the latest Christian conspiracies while recuperating from an immense 4:20 day in the city of Vancouver.

Ep6 - Party On!

Travis and Dave return to the podwaves after an extended break from the show. Not to waste any time they get back in the swing of things and reminisce of a debaucherous party one Halloween night.