The full show from team Canada in HD with high quality music synced to the video.
The guys from Calgary's "Fireworks Spectacular" crew, blew the roof off of English bay.

Hiking to the Lions Head Peak on a cloudy day in September of 2013.
Song: "Head of a Lion" by Plastik Cheez
Filmed 100% using the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Camera

April 20, 2012 Thousands of Pot Enthusiasts smoke up at the Vancouver Art Gallery for the annual 420 Festivities.

I celebrated Fat Tuesday with the traditional panning of the cake. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned so I ended up having to go with plan B

After witnessing an intense car accident, I went on an epic journey through the foggy Vancouver suburbs.

Car fires, window smashing and mob violence erupted after a bunch of shit disturbers decided the Stanley Cup is a good excuse to burn and loot Vancouver.

Check out footage from outside Rogers Arena just before the puck drops for Game 2. I talked to television people from national stations like Global and CTV.

3 fires were reported within close viscinity in a Vancouver neighbourhood Friday morning.

On April 20, 2011, an estimated 10,000 weed enthusiasts gathered around the Vancouver Art Gallery to promote medicinal and recreational uses for Marijuana.

davegtv | November 11, 2010
Asian Reporter: Misoon Kim live from the G20 Summit in Seoul S. Korea on Thursday November 11th, 2010.