Travis and Dave review the brand new 2011 Apple Notebook. Complete with calculator, camera, games and paper!

The famous Red pill/Blue pill scene from the Matrix, with a twist?

London Fringe 62 hour Film Festival Entree
Never mix paper with plastik bags.
Elements that had to be used: Paper bag, coloured-metal trees in BG, "rock beats scissors", a beginning

There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. The Intrusive visitor will come and go as he pleases.

- some booze
- 1 pickles
- 1 pc. Cheez
- 1 live kricket
- A bunch of Gross stuff

A quick guide on how to maximize your winning odds while having a great time with the people at the table.

Every time I try to take a picture with my iPhone, it's set to video mode. This video is a short compilation of those moments

Some people just like to watch the world burn.